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How to decompile or print java .class file.

If we want to decompile .class file in NetBeans, we will have to need a decompiler. There are many decompilers, here’s a list of decompilers.1.) Procyon, open-source, mstrobel / Procyon / wiki / Java Decompiler 2.) CFR, open-source,  yet another java decompiler. 3.) JD, free for non-commercial use only, Java Decompiler 4.) Fernflower, open-source, fesh0r/fernflower, 5.) JAD – given […]

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Array for interview questions

Arrays are one of the basic data structures when it comes to programming. In the context of programming language arrays are not built-in data structures, but can be created using built-in data structures. An array stores elements of the same data type in a sequential manner within a fixed size memory block. That’s why an array is […]

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