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How to decompile or print java .class file.

If we want to decompile .class file in NetBeans, we will have to need a decompiler. There are many decompilers, here’s a list of decompilers.1.) Procyon, open-source, mstrobel / Procyon / wiki / Java Decompiler

2.) CFR, open-source,  yet another java decompiler.

3.) JD, free for non-commercial use only, Java Decompiler

4.) Fernflower, open-source, fesh0r/fernflower,

5.) JAD – given here only for a historical reason. Free, no source-code available, JAD Java Decompiler Download Mirror
Outdated, unsupported and does not decompile correctly Java 5 and later.

You may test above mention decompilers online, no installation required and make your own educated choice.
Java decompilers in the cloud:  Java decompiler online

When we say decompiler for Java, it is almost synonymous to JAD. JAD was/is the popular Java decompiler we can find. Very long back, when I started learning Java, I remember using JAD, may be with JDK1.2 or so. It was very popular and almost the only tool for Java class decompilation.

We may find lots and lots of software tools claiming to be Java decompilers. But if we dig deep then we can find that 90% of them are just the user interface and the underlying engine will be JAD decompiler.

But it is so easy to decompile bytecode or .class file by using command Prompt.

Now Let’s see how we do that.

1.) First of all, go to that directory where is your .class file. Like this


2.) After that  write  JavaP <space><classname>.class.  Like this


Kriti Nidhi

Kriti Nidhi

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Kriti Nidhi

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